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The Melusine Set is inspired by the veiny patterns of butterfly wings. The organic lines are designed to fit and elevate the natural sturctures of the female body, enhancing its elegance and beauty through the soft but dynamic game of lines.


This Set contains:

Melusine 3D Top

Melusine 3D Panties


3D Print & Product Information


The pattern of this product is 3D printed with recyclable TPU filament on top of nylon tulle. This new and innovative technique brings the possibility of creating one-of-a-kind designs that are else not possible to obtain with a 3 dimensional character.





It is possible to ask for a variety of colors for the tulle. We can try to find you the right skin-color tulle fabric if you would like too. Please take into consideration that a requirement of tulle color will take up to 14 days extra in case we don't have the wanted color in stock. 


For additional customization to the patterns, length, design and other changes, additional charges may apply.


Add any requirement on the 'Note' section when placing your order. Or contact us via email at .

Melusine Set Black

Color: Black
  • The product can be easily hand-washed with water only. We would suggest to avoid spraying perfume onto the 3D printed parts.

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