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The Flutterby Earrings are a collaboration with Laura Da Silva who is an activist for Breast Cancer survivors and has joined the cause by becoming a tattoo artist doing breast cancer post surgery nipple reconstruction tattoos. The talented Laura and Santos 3D are joining forces to emphasize and put awareness to this very important cause of ours.


A percentage of each sale will go to charity helping women in receiving these type of tattoo service after their surgeries.


 Unleash Your Feminine Essence and your potential with the jewelry symbol of rebirth: the Flutterby. This International Women's Day, we celebrate the strength, beauty and resilience of all women around the world. To mark this special occasion, we are proud to present our exclusive collaboration with Studio 3D Stéphanie Santos: the Flutterby jewel. The butterfly symbolizes rebirth, transformation and freedom. It represents every woman's ability to evolve, blossom and embrace her true essence. Our butterfly jewelry embodies this powerful symbolism, offering every woman a daily reminder of her inner strength and infinite potential. Created with care and expertise by Studio 3D Stéphanie Santos, each piece of jewelry is a unique work of art, designed to capture the beauty and elegance of the Flutterby. This jewel is not only an accessory, but also a symbol of your inner strength and ability to blossom. By wearing our beautifly jewelry, you connect to a community of inspiring women, determined to embrace their individuality and uplift one another. For special woman in life, this jewel symbolizes unity, solidarity and the power of sisterhood. This Women's Day, join us in celebrating the strength and beauty of every woman. Free your essence and your potential with beautifly and let yourself be inspired by the magic of rebirth.



For more info contact us at

Flutterby 3D Earrings

Expected to ship in April 2024.
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