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The Design is inspired by the graceful lines of contours maps of mountains. This one-of-a-kind top is 3D printed in 95A TPU, fully recyclabe and has a total print time of about 35hrs. The piece is composed of 7 pieces printed separately and assembled by hand.




100% recyclable TPU ( Thermoplastic polyurethane )



Contours V.1 Top

Expected to ship within 30 days.
  • Every piece is handmade and 3D printed by the Designer.

    Production of this piece will be on-demand only and will take up to 30 days to make.

    In case you wish express delivery please contact us before placing an order. Please feel free to email for specific orders.

  • This piece is exclusively made by the designer herself using a 3D pen technology. Due to its slow and time consuming production the designer will limit the fabrication of this design. It is a very unique but fragile piece that can only be made by hand.

    This piece is purely meant to be worn as art and to shine.

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