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“The 3D pen is a perfect tool for artists wanting to explore unconventional and new techniques for their work and designs.” -Stéphanie Santos

Stéphanie Santos is a European fashion designer who uses 3Doodler pens to create clothing and jewelry inspired by nature. Using her background in art, fashion, and biofabrication, she has created a visionary collection of clothing and jewelry with the 3Doodler Start and Create+ pens. The series was inspired by her passion for sustainability. All of the 3Doodler filaments are either compostable or recyclable, which makes them perfect materials for her work.

We had a chance to speak with her about her creative process and the inspiration behind this series. She also created a beautiful stencil that can be used with your 3Doodler Create+ pen so you can design your very own piece of her collection!

3Doodler: Stéphanie, could you tell us about yourself, your background in fashion design, and an overview of this wearable collection you’ve made with 3D pens?

I was born in Luxembourg to Portuguese parents, and graduated with a variety of art and design disciplines. I studied Art and Graphic Design in my hometown, and went to Northern France to specialize in Fashion Design and Haute Couture techniques at ESMOD Roubaix. For my final exam, I created a collection called “HYBRID.” where I designed and created garments made entirely with the 3Doodler pen.

I did my internship at Iris van Herpen Atelier in Amsterdam, where I later specialized in an interdisciplinary course of Computational Design, Biofabrication, and Digital Fabrication in Textile and Fashion at Fabricademy. For my final project there called “FUNGI COUTURE”, I researched Biofabrication methods to decode the aesthetics and properties of mushrooms, and how to translate them into garments.

Next, I would like to combine my knowledge of tech, fashion, and sustainability to continue creating elegant clothing pieces that can be a part of everyday attire.

I love using 3D pen technology and want to continue integrating it into my work. I’m currently researching some small accessory designs I plan to create with the 3Doodler pens that should look contemporary, chic and organic in design, with minimalistic aesthetics.

What is your inspiration for this collection of wearables? Can you speak on the aesthetics of the collection and what they represent to you?

For this project I continued my research in designing with straight lines and curves. I took inspiration from waves and corals. For the Create+ designs it’s a game of rhythm and lines. For the Start pen designs the texture and 3D effect are quite interesting. The straight lines, curves, and unique textures are seen a lot in my designs and can be found anywhere you look. All these elements together create harmony and reflect the beautiful aesthetics of nature, in my opinion.

Can you explain some of the benefits of working with 3D pens as a medium for wearables, as opposed to textiles?

Working with a 3D pen offers so many more possibilities that haven’t been explored yet. Making drawings come to life and creating unique textiles with the 3D pen is amazing. The 3D pen is a perfect tool for artists wanting to explore unconventional and new techniques for their work and designs.

Can you describe your process with making this collection, and the differences between working with the Create+ and the Start?

The process differs depending on the model of pen. The Start pen was very new to me. With the Start pen, in order to create my desired shape, I had to Doodle something that would stay three dimensional and solid, as the material is non-flexible and hardens quickly. For the necklaces made with the Start pen, I Doodled on a mannequin’s neck to design the 3D base shape. That way, it took on the shape of a female human neck. Once I had the base of the shape created, I continued free-hand to fill out the design.

As for the pieces I did with the Create+ I started by drawing digitally on a female body in Photoshop to plan the design. Afterwards I created the printable files on illustrator once I had designed them on a 3D body in Rhino3D to make a template. I then printed out the template and brought it to life with the 3Doodler pen.

Can you speak about the tutorial you have made for our readers?

The video tutorial below shows how I worked with the Create+ pen. I created a design inspired by ocean waves to be  worn around the wrist. The design is minimalistic and not hard to make. I designed it with a built-in clasp so there is no need for jewellery closures.

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