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Behind the Black Botanical 3D Couture Collection

Nature is the basis of all design made by Stéphanie

The one-of-a-kind elegance in Black Botanical Collection will make you feel a unique feminin. Exemplifying and being proud of the feminine genius that you are.

Women are intelligent, strong, intuitive, capable, passionate, and beautiful in so many unique ways. They love it, and they embrace it.

Where else can we find these amazing traits ? For the designer Stéphanie, those are reflections from Nature and its beauties. We are a part of Nature, we love it and we cherish it because we sense a deep and true connection towards it. Nature gives us so many possibilities to feel and be empowered. Humans are inspired by its beauties because they are powerful and true.

Stephanie Santos aims to represent that in the garments she visualizes for female bodies. Elegance she says ' Is what Nature is the strongest in her eyes '. It means the quality of being graceful and confident in appearance or manner.

For her 2019 Collection, Stéphanie drew inspiration from Oak Trees and Camelia Flowers, but not in the way you might expect.

Instead of thinking of floral classical patterns, she went on constructing the shape of a Camelia flower around the female body, as if it was a meant-to-be fit.

Thus it becomes a naturesk architectural second skin on women's body.

Same as in the designer's first collection HYBRID, the unique savoir-faire includes 3D printing technology.

It fusions again 3D pen printing and Couture, updated to a newer level since HYBRID. It is less rough and strict but rather smooth and ergonomic.

The material used for the 3D manual printed garments is TPU ( Thermoplastic polyurethane ) and is 100% recyclable. The filament and the pen are by 3Doodler, and were Stéphanie's very first approach to 3D printing technologies.

This technology, when well manipulated, permits the user to create a wide spectrum of shapes, textures and unlimited possibilities.

It was used in a rather simple way by the designer. After creating and printing out the digital design patterns, the designer copied the shapes onto fabric by simply 3D drawing over it.

The pieces are then finished with a few stitches and closures. And ready for women to enjoy!

The collection comes also with accessories, including belts - bags - earrings. All again, handmade and 3D printed with the same material as the garments.

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