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Elegant and unique design inspired by the beauty of Carnation flowers and made the design marry the female body. The carnation is a statement flower of Portugal and is a national symbol of revolution and freedoms.


The ergonomic design not only brings support and hold but the 3D printed flower arrangement enhances the natural feminine curves and beauty.




Standard 34A - 38C / 75A - 95C

Custom fit we will need your measurements.


3D Print & Product Information


This one-of-a-kind digitally designed piece is 3D printed in recyclable TPU material and adds to the values of Circular- and Slow- luxury fashion.


This new and innovative technique brings the possibility of creating unique cuts, textures and function. All the pieces are made on-demand and are customisable within the range of possibilities.


For more information send us a direct message or an email at

Ixora Harness

222,00 €Prix
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