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Stephanie Santos designer

Stéphanie Santos was born in Luxembourg to Portuguese parents. Studied different areas of art and design in Luxembourg and North of France. Truly admires the beauties in nature, especially most fond of the flora and its aesthetics. She wants to use modern and fundamental techniques into her work to show her interpretation of nature and art into unique garments. One of her specializing areas around Fashion/textile technology she studied at the TextileLab in Amsterdam. Where she was amazed of all the new possibilities for innovation in garment and textile design and production. As a curious and enthusiastic human being, she explores the new ways and works with her new skills in FashionTech and develops her own 3D printed clothing processes.

Behind the brand

STEPHANIE SANTOS ™ aims on representing an intersection of design and Technology within the Fashion field.  Her work fusions traditional Haute couture garment construction as well as digital techniques and fabrication. The products are handmade and/or 3D (hand)printed.

The Brand takes it inspirations partly from Nature, by biomimicking aspects from the fungi kingdom and plants. And it elevates these aesthetics into ergonomic designs around the female body to create natural, fitted elegance.


Form and function need to coexist in order to feel comfortable in ones clothes. Nature's natural aesthetics already cracked the code of perfection. Altogether, the founder believes in a symbiotic relationship with garments and the acceptance of the new possibilities. A new fashion era is on it's way and we'd like you to be part of it.

About Stephanie

A person is but the product of their thoughts. What they think, they become. - Mahatma Gandhi


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